Jonwayne- Andrew

Producer Jonwayne gettin' rowdy

The debut album “Bowser” from producer Jonwayne plays like the soundtrack to some old standby N64 game, like Mario Kart or any other nostalgic familiarity. I think the most solid, beat-driven tune is “Andrew”.

This¬†8-bit, hip-hop tune sounds like a male speak n’ spell pronouncing Japanese words, interwoven with the vibrating vocals of a high-pitched sing-song melody. So simple. So sweet. Thanks Alpha Pup Records!

Jonwayne- Andrew 

A Videogame for your Ears

Freshly pressed from the Punch Drunk studios, arrives the funky dubstep collaboration of Hytel and Shortstuff: “Ice cream”.

Judging be the dubplate image (below), their music is bright and vivacious.

This dubstep tune is as refreshing as a ripe watermelon or a scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped off with colorful snippets of old school, computer-bit swag.

The bass is pretty bouncy and the near 8-bit chip-tunage is bee-bopping along.

You might get a brain freeze, the most pleasant numbing sensation, from this wonderful tune.

Hyetal and Shortstuff- “Ice cream”: