Summer 2012 Festival Fashion: What to Wear to Impulse Music and Arts Festival

Whether you plan on wearing multiple thin layers or just a pair of pasties and short-shorts to Impulse Music and Arts Festival, check out this list of festival fashion trends for Summer 2012.

Think sawed-off denim shorts with lace underlay and colorful sports bras beneath sheer tanks and crop tops or neon bikinis and bright Nike high-tops.

How else are you going to catch the attention of those cute DJs behind blinding lasers and fog machines?

denim and lace cutoff shorts

Denim and lace cutoff shorts by carlymarston on for $35

Definitely don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Sift through thrift shops and grab some overall shorts. Pair them with a bandeau top to avoid overheating in the sunshine.

Channel your inner-hippie by pairing a spaghetti strap top with a flowy crocheted vest. And, if you’re like me and get cold easily, don’t forget to bring a light sweater to wear over an Alex Grey mini-dress in the evening.

Alex Grey mini-dress

Collective Vision Alex Grey mini-dress from CoSM Shop for $40

Now, on to accessories. Don’t go crazy with the bangles ’cause with all that moving around, you just might loose a bracelet or two. Stick to the basics, like woven earrings and a wrap necklace. Or maybe just a long chain to hang your Ray-Ban sunglasses from.

If the clinking of jewelry against your body gets too be too much for you, simply toss those little buggers into your purse. Go for a slinky crossbody handbag. Also, keep plenty of hair bands in your bag. I always tend to lose those, and sweaty hair at a festival just ain’t a good look.

Woven earrings

Hibiscus tropical thread woven earrings by BellaBeachJewelry on for $24

Shoes are easy. No heels, unless you want to spend your night aerating the lawn instead of dancing. Look for slouchy, durable leather booties and color-blasted gladiators.

If you really want to get crazy at Impulse Music and Arts Festival 2012, why not change out your mundane metal navel ring for one that dangles or glows?

So get started on that shopping. After all, Impulse Music and Arts Festival is just two weeks away! See y’all there.


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