Soulja Boy- The World Needs Change (Clams Casino Remix)

Instrumental producer Clams Casino

Allow me to introduce you to Clams Casino, producer to Lil B and other big time hip-hop players. Here’s my favorite tune off of his self-titled instrumental mixtape. Big ups to Faceless for showin’ me this!

His remix of Soulja Boy’s “The World Needs Change” is the creepiest, most beautiful lullaby of a remix I’ve ever encountered. Just take one good listen and I betcha’ never would’ve guessed that’s Soulja Boy’s voice.

I love how the simple melody and delicate sounds twinkle alongside a warm, crushing synth wave. Add Soulja Boy’s vocals. Now bend the pitch on those vocals all the way down to the low end until it sounds like whales trying to mimic Imogen Heap. And you’ve got the most eerie, heart-wrenching creature of a song you’ve heard in a while. Chillwave, meet your new sinister sister genre.

Soulja Boy- The World Needs Change (Clams Casino Remix) 

Download the free mixtape, peeps!


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