Clark- The Pining

Introspective cover art from Clark's "Iradelphic"

Wrap your head around the very cerebral three-part tune “The Pining” from Clark’s new album “Iradelphic”, slide into bed, and think back to childhood (that is, if it was a happy one). And If that’s not the case, then just borrow some memories from an old friend.

This is what I remember most about growing up:

Those long Summer days, riding my red Schwinn bicycle up hills, peddling fast through the wind in my mud-soaked converse sneakers, toward a heaping plate of mom’s meatloaf and for dessert, homemade vanilla ice cream.

Okay, so that’s actually from The Adventures of Pete and Pete, minus the uncomfortable spasms of Artie, the Strongest Man in the World. But hey, it’s a nice thought, right?

Now go ahead and listen to the first four and a half minutes of “The Pining” and tell Warp Records I said thanks!

Clark- The Pining pt1 (original mix)


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