Dope Dialect “Making Sense” Free Download

Dope Dialect performing at Livewire in Savannah, GA

Dope Dialect performing at Livewire in Savannah, Ga

Savannah-based producer Dope Dialect creates digitalized swagger. I’m talkin’ about music that bridges the gap between electronic and hip-hop, dubstep and funk, and other countless genres.

He has fine-tuned his song synthesizing skills, fragmenting familiar and sometimes nostalgic songs into rhythmic samples and creates song remixes arguably better than their original versions.

Regardless of whatever sample he chooses, be it an old R&B tune like Smokey Robinson’s “I Second That Emotion” or something more contemporary like Outkast’s “Ghetto Musick”, his songs are sure to move both your body and brain.

On his newest release “Making Sense“, Dope Dialect somehow weaves together dozens of unrelated samples into a cohesive compilation of sounds from this year and past decades to create intelligent glitch music that blasts you into the future.

Just check out the song “Empires” in which he transposes Roberta Flack’s vocals til’ they mimic the cigarette-riddled voice of that old man loitering outside your local corner store (you know, the one who always asks you for a nickel).

You really never know what you’re going to hear, which is what makes Dope Dialect’s unique vintage-modern blend of sounds so fresh and timeless.

And between these ethereal electronic beats, catch your breath and listen to his spaced-out transitions that are of near mathematical precision. Think twisting synth waves and the vocals of some 1940’s sweetheart sending you off to another song.

Dope Dialect has played his ghetto beats and triggered catchy samples alongside many well-known artists such as Marty Party, Two Fresh, Archnemesis, This is ART, Sleepyhead, The Silo Effect, and Underlying Themes labelmate Bitch Please.

Download his new free album “Making Sense” and be sure to like Dope Dialect on Facebook.


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