A Taste of the Street Life, errr…kinda

It’s about time right now for some ghetto instrumentals. And why the heck not!? I mean, I grew up on the hard streets of Bankhead- oh, that’s right- it was Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia. So, maybe I never did lead a thug life, but I can dream, can’t I?

Anywho, I found some very remixable tunes from Silencer aka Teddy Music (pictured on left) and Rude Kid (right).

In Silencer’s “dirtbag”, gun shots ring throughout (they’re impossible to miss). I lost count of how many people get murdered in the song. But, don’t let that scare you away. Listen for the climactic, dramatic violin stabs (a staple of East Coast hip-hop). Welcome to grime music.

Silencer- Dirtbag 

And Rude Kid’s “Peter Pan” is a nightmarish, body-bass infiltrating monster. While delicate notes flash when they’re needed (dying into the background when they’re not), the multiple bass drops really ghettofy the song.

That’s right, I said ghettofy.

Rude Kid- Peter Pan 


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