Your Just Not Old Enough

photo by Svenmarck

Your just not old enough…

they said

keep that aspirin pill locked between your thighs

mistakes lie between them

shut your mouth and shut him out

your just not old enough

She’s shaking in her bed,

doesn’t know why

with flashbacks, neurons

sparking in her brain

and she can remember his face

in strobe-light white

against their will

but they say…

your just not old enough

But overgrown hearts knows nothing of science

of math and numbers and timelines and rules

just distance

The soft, ticking distance between her and him

while two bodies hover over every move

and spoken syllable

keep your staggering hands at bay

they warn…

your just not old enough

But she’s soaking in waves

she’s dirty, filthy, they claim

with precious brown eyes contaminated by

the predisposition

to draw hearts in the sand

and she listens to recycled loops

just to be different

but she fits the standard

of the love drunk…

who’s just not old enough

Yet, they are unlocking doors with clasped hands

in obscene places

behind transparent curtains

and they’re poking her

You should be alone

you don’t deserve it

and it’s not time

but she is turning old enough

loosen up

and let the pill drop


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