Four Tet- Angel Echoes

“Angel Echoes” offers up some mellifluous shrills for chills.

I’ve never been a Four Tet fan, but I’ve always been a stickler for experimentation with vocals. And Four Tet’s song “Angel Echoes” is no exception to that rule.

Off of Four Tet’s frontman Kieran Hebden’s newest electronic release “There is Love in You”, the song features pretty vocals that collide into each other, beneath a steady beat.

I’m not sure what the woman is singing about but my mind would like to think the ambiguous, broken-up lyrics go a lil’ something like this:

“There’s no love anymore…anybody.”

And if my words aren’t enough to spark your interest and tickle your ears, just check out that crazy kaleidoscopic album cover of daisies and color wheels.

Four Tet- Angel Echoes



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