Dorian Concept’s Psycho Space Sounds

If you’re like me and you like your sounds all psycho and whatnot, sprinkled with glossy spaceship futurist bits, then you will definately wanna take a listen to hip/hop/electro/shock-strawberry blond DJ, Dorian Concept.

Like a white Michael Jackson, he serves floor-sweepin’, body thumping swagger that will make even the straightest prep pop their body back, fizzle, and make their toes curl in ecstasy.

Much of his music reflects outer space, a concept difficult to grasp, yet made palpable and conceptual through Dorian Concept’s myriad of homemade tunes, making for some crazy and entertaining sound.

Take the song “When Planets Explode”. The song plays like a family of synth space ships descending the song’s surface, while squeaky synth blades pressed against the surface, scratch with more squelched-out synthesizer sequences, after which, are flung out to black atmosphere. More synths are plucked, like twinkling stars, and are left to drone on in the milky ways of reverb.

Here, hear what I mean, listen to Dorian Concept’s “When Planets Explode”: 


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