Freak Tent, Sleepyhead, and K.A.O.S. at the Wormhole

This Friday, new production company SoCF Entertainment and CM Productions presents a sonic showcase with offerings for every musical taste bud, from rock to 2-step to electronica.

Drop by the Wormhole on October the 8th, plug in with a PBR tallboy, and tune in to Freak Tent, Sleepyhead, and K.A.O.S.

With over 2,500,000 visits to their MySpace, Freak Tent is a popular rock/experimental/funk act ready to show the low country how it’s done. The three member band is comprised of Chris Allen (Killer) on funked-out, fast-fingered bass and shaky vocals, Scott Balley (Tangler) on progressively-driven drums and electronic percussion, and Greg Hunt (Slinky) on guitar and raw vocals. You will hear influences from the likes of Frank Zappa, Jane’s Addiction, the occasional sax solo, and firmly-planted punk roots.

Sleepyhead, straight out of California’s Bay Area, sounds nothing like the name suggests. DJ/music producer Samel Pohner creates ridiculously danceable music, and as he describes it, is like “a big old chunk of chewed bubblegum…of several flavors.” Sleepyhead is understandably influenced by House music, but he’s filed the genre down to its more minimal sister, Club. With percussive beats, shake n’ bake rhythms, low-frequency bass, and scrambled vocal samples, it is no wonder Eprom called on him to help produce one hell of a cracked-out track, Dirty Diamonds:

If you liked that acid-loving synth monster tune, you should definitely check out Savannah civilian and Wormhole regular K.A.O.S. mix his original tunes with familiarities, and cutting-edge electronica selections into hyphy ingestibles. K.A.O.S. aka graphic design student Kirby Matherne will leave you salivating for more of his meticulously mastered tracks, from piles of dubplate specials to Bluetech-like tunage. Hungry yet? I recommend listening to his remix of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”:

The Wormhole, Savannah’s friendliest and notably strangest watering hole, is located at 2307 Bull Street (between 39th and 40th Street).


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