SCAD Student and Savannah Local DJ K.A.O.S. moves Electronic Music

Kirby Matherne, a Graphic Design student at Savannah College of Art and Design, continues to make his rounds in the Savannah electronic music scene under the moniker of DJ K.A.O.S. (Kirby’s Assessment of Sound).

Although he does not mind playing the occasional house party, his real interest lies in playing at local venues, such as The Wormhole. As a resident music producer/DJ for local production companies like CM Productions, SoCF Entertainment, and Electronic Low Country, he has opened up for well known deep south electronic acts such as Agobi Project, Random Rab, Silo Effect, and Arpetrio.

What separates Kirby from other electronic musicians? Unlike other local Savannah DJs, Kirby has avoided getting lost in the shuffle because he has no problem with genre-splicing. While other artists might focus solely on one genre, Kirby likes to mingle different musical stylings together in a melting pot of sound. He plays freshly-plucked track selections ranging anywhere along the musical spectrum, from cutting-edge Dubstep artists such as Kavsrave and S.R.C., to retro Hip-Hop producers like Alex Anderson and Eliot Lipp, and even IDM/experimental savants like Luke Vibert.

The title of electronic DJ occasionally frustrates Kirby because of the negative connotations. He is not so much into the whole glow stick, rave revival that has stunted electronic music and molded the genre into a stereotype. Yes, Kirby plays other people’s music, but he does not spin vinyl like some might expect from a DJ. Kirby has proved himself a worthy music producer by creating his own audio-soup of sounds, having mastered Ableton Live 8, Reason 4.0, and created three solid mix tapes with the aid of his microKORG.

Through his meticulously-made and mastered mixes, he works toward cracking the genre of electronic music wide open, by avoiding typical cliches of electronica, such as House, Trance, Techno, and the infamous Happy Hardcore genre.

Kirby’s signature musical concoctions contain oscillating, sometimes cropped and chopped rap and R&B vocal samplings, exceptionally clean beats, gangster bass lines, and textured, gritty synth lines. He has remixed music from other genres such as The Shin’s “New Slang” and even David Bowie’s “Fame”, resulting in him snatching up fans by the handful like candy for the ears.

Check out his MySpace or Soundcloud to make an assessment of your own.


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