Savannah’s new 18+ Venue: Studio 2Ten offers a Sonic/Visual Experience

Are you feeling left out of Savannah’s Arts and Entertainment scene because, like me, you are under 21 years old? Studio 2Ten, a new and original venue/studio space, graciously opens its doors to the 18+ crowd. This is something to celebrate, especially for SCAD students, a large chunk of Savannah’s population.

Located at 210 Victory Drive (between Barnard and Jefferson Street), SCAD students residing in Barnard Village won’t have to walk but a quarter of a mile to get to the venue.

The 5,000 SQ FT gallery, owned and operated by Rachel Raab (head of the DeSoto Strut events), offers over 3,000 SQ FT of studio space and contains a built-in stage, proudly sponsored by Primary Art Supply.

Studio 2Ten will be hosting a  sonic/visual experience called “Wake  Up” on Saturday, October the 2nd, and  all proceeds will go straight to the  Surfrider Foundation for their efforts in  the gulf oil spill.

The exciting event will offer something  for your ears and eyes. The interior of  Studio 2Ten will be lined with artwork  from about 7 various local artists and  will serve as the backdrop to the party.

During the gallery reception, there will  be a concert featuring live sets by five  talented crowd-slayers, currently infiltrating the electronica scene.

White Noise, a young DJ who has  shared the stage with the likes of Pretty  Lights, EOTO, and Big Gigantic will be amping up the crowd.

T8r(tot), a fairly new face to the  electronica scene, is pushing his way  past the line of artists and making his mark at the forefront of electronic music  by already releasing a 10 track album on  Abstract Logic Recordings (ALR). Don’t  miss out on this Atlanta native.

NastyNasty, a passionate DJ who has  bumped hyphy basslines with West  Coast big-timer Marty Party and notably  remixed OutKast’s “SpeakerBoxxx”, will  also be turning heads.

AUX ARC, the duo of Elgin Braden and Marshal Trotter (a recent SCAD graduate) will mingle lo-fi electronica with Animal Collective-like textured vocal showcases.

You will also get the chance to watch DJM, known as Droppin Joints Magically, create crunchy musical elements and those wonderful Dubstep whomps, with seeming effortlessness.

The Studio 2Ten event will also offer up something for your taste buds. For those of you who are lucky enough to be of age, you will have the opportunity to enjoy drinks donated by Bacchus Wine Lounge.

The party starts at 7:00 P.M. Make sure to bring your $10 donation, and If you are driving, I suggest getting there early because the parking lot won’t fit more than 10 or so cars.

And, if you see her, be sure to tell the event organizer Brer Maggie happy 21st birthday.


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