IDM on the CCO: City Centre Offices Record Label

Get ready to tumble down the grassy knolls of the experimental, mossy landscape and crystalline soundscape of IDM’s City Centre Offices record label.

If you’re looking for electronic music that reflects the intelligent, lets-have-an intimate conversation-with-our-minds facet of the genre, I highly recommend checking out the Germany/England based label and the sounds of its contributing artists Donato Wharton, Christian Kleine, Dub Tractor, and I’m Not a Gun.


Donato Wharton’s release “Body Isolations” suggests the melancholic, sparsity of the Dust Bowl, marked by waning guitar melodies submerged in dingy rain puddles, set off against gritty feedback and sandy reverb.

Donato Whatron- The End of the American Dream:


Christian Kleine’s album “Valis” contains just the right amount of shuffled glitch, as if Kleine were paranoid of too much noise. As head of customer support for Ableton, the man must know what he is doing. Listen to rounded arps and the voices of young school children toll in on the rhythm.

Christian Kleine- Unauthorized:


Dub Tractor’s simple, friendly guitar melodies on “More or Less Mono” imprint memorable track marks on the mind. Listen and allow the low, hazy rumble of a growling engine bubble beneath the low drum-kick beat. The album is garnished by warm echoes throughout, a consistent dubbiness quality.

Dub Tractor- I Don’t Care:


I’m Not a Gun, the duo of Techno producer John Tejada and classically trained guitarist Takeshi Nishimoto, take listeners to vacant fields with their carefully mapped-out out album “Solace”. Minimal beats and tenderly-plucked guitar riffs cry out for attention, as if teeth were being pulled, and a shockwave of bitter-sweet pain pulses with every pitter-patter of the cymbals. Tension is the keyword here.

I’m Not a Gun- Music for Adults:


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