Tame Impala’s “InnerSpeaker”

The Australian threesome, Tame Impala, has planted a time portal seed of carefree sound in a CD, fittingly titled “InnerSpeaker”.

The CD encourages you to take an inward trip with your ears (one not delivered in pill, paper, or tablet form).

The necessary stimulants are already there: sound swirls and spirals that capture the rapture of the Beatles’ s 1960’s sunflower brilliancy (and I’m not even a Beatles fan), without forgeting to make stops at 90’s grunge markers like Radiohead’s “Fake plastic trees” and indie revivalists, The Shins.

With easy, chill-wave grooves, John Lennon doppelganger vocals, and memorable, overlapping melodies accompanied by the laffy-taffy, lopsided dips of guitar riffs (think Ratatat on Tylenol PM), this entire CD licks at nostalgia, sending the Generation Y kids to a decade they only wish they could taste.

Hippies had it best, didn’t they?

NOTE: For best results, listen to “InnerSpeaker” in a strawberry field.

Tame Impala- Expectation

Tame Impala- Alter Ego


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