LP of the Dead (a dead genre)

Tisk, tisk, tisk iTunes. You’ve failed me yet again.

I’m not a happy camper with this CD. I should have known I’d hate it, just look at the horrible album art).

Too much monotony for my ears.

What is this, a new genre, DnB (Dubstep n’ Bass)?

And I thought electronic music had foregone drum n’ bass years ago (it should have been killed off a long time ago, along with happy hardcore). No excuses.

Dubstep reigns these days, and I think trying to melt drum n’ bass into dubstep results in an auditory catastrophe, like trying to blend oil and vinegar (vinegar representing dubstep because, let’s face it, vinegar just tastes better).

LP of the Dead contains too much grinding, muddled sound for my liking.

Back to the basics: pure, essential dubstep, cleanly produced (no additives like drum n’ bass).


One comment on “LP of the Dead (a dead genre)

  1. Hmm…I definitely hear you on dnb being pretty much dead at this point. Appearing on radio spots and car commercials definitely killed it. But you can’t deny its influence on the dubstep genre. It was just an earlier form of bass music. I’ve heard some darker dub with Reese type noises and I’ve heard a lot of forward thinking producers from Kanji Kinetic to Starkey utilizing Amen breaks as little one drops in their compositions. I think there’s always a place for the jungle influence, one just has to be tasteful about it now. It’s like using a I-V-vi-iii progression in pop music or, dare I say, the wob-wob-wobble bass that we’re all so fond of at the moment.

    That being said, going off the album art alone I’d guess that it was slapped together by some bandwagon-hopping me-three producer(s).

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