Hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee, Arpetrio slays crowds with their funky, trippy-dippy, livetronica, leaving insatiable audiences quenched to the max, a difficult feat, indeed.

The band comes loaded with a full barage of musical artillery: guitar, synth, and keyboard played by Alex Mindermann, bass plucked by Trent Little, and smash-your-face in drums provided by Wes Taylor.

Aphex Twin, Rusko, the Flashbulb, and The New Deal are just a few artists in the trio’s anthology of creative influences, which is why you hear everything from psychedelic electronica to trip-hop in their performances.

There is truly something for everyone, even the most discernible, knit-picky pair of ears. If you missed your opportunity to experience this creative 3-person unit perform at festivals like Trinumeral and Dexfest alongside Eskmo, Nosaj Thing, and Shpongle, don’t pass up the chance to hear them in intimate settings like a venue near you.

Let your mind hyperfocus on Arpetrio’s arpeggiated chords, leaving you entranced.


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