Who are Digital Butter?

What is this delicious, buttery, digitalized concoction you speak of?

Digital Butter, the Chattanoogian brainchild of Adam Staudacher and Becky Ribeiro, finally returns to the Savannah area for your auditory enjoyment.

The creative duo categorizes their music as Future Soul, but also realize that Electronic music has been spliced into many sub-genres over the years, and so they also describe their personal style as Funk and Grime (and I sense some definite R&B influences as well as Nu-Jazz and Dub).

Listen and you will hear influences anywhere along the musical spectrum from Erykah Badu to Eliot Lipp.

The duo doesn’t mind surrendering their soulful sounds to the crowd. Digital Butter’s music is pure chemistry, an experiment involving the variables of mind, body, and spirit:

1 parts Digital: Crunchy, crunk beats and digitalized grime provided by SiLLYiLL (Adam).

He effortlessly puts a spin on catchy hip-hop influenced beats with his own unique style of producing that doesn’t discriminate against mastering effects and reverberating voices and rhythms that echo from the speakers, entrancing each and every person into digital androids of the sound system.

Clearly, this man knows exactly what he is doing with Ableton Live 8, the Monome 40h, a MicroKorg, bass, and even guitar.

What really sets Digital Butter apart from other acts, is the ill skill of Adam’s rhymes, inching close to slam poetry.

1 parts Butter: smooth vocals that sometimes overlap like taffy over the beats, enveloping the song, are provided by Sexy Bexy (Becky).

She’s a red-headed vixen with a fiery voice to match. When this girl sings, honey pours from her soul, her throat, and empties from her lips onto the dance floor, influencing bodies to ooze and groove.

She also amps up the crowd with the trumpet, MicroKorg, Monome 40h, and provides thoughtful lyrics aside from production credibility.

It’s not everyday you get to experience live vocals in the midst of the computer music scene or hear an actual instrument being played, not just mimicked on software.

Check ’em out on MySpace.


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