My Favorites: 20 Lo-fi, Minimal, and Ambient Songs

Not all music has to be danceable (a common misconception of Electro).

That’s the gift of the genre; it’s not all driving beats and rushing tempos.

The complex genre spans the vast and colorful sound spectrum, entering the world of beat-less or minimal sound scapes.

These sound scapes morph into genres such as Lo-fi, containing ghostly background noise, and Ambient, marked by droning loops.

And then there’s auditory cyborgs like Boards of Canada, where your not sure what your hearing; you just know its bits and pieces of yesteryear, nostalgia you only wished you’d experienced (fuzzy tape recordings of PBAs from the 60’s, or the giggling of children riding on a carousel).

The album art of BOC’s “Campfire Headphase” should give you a clue as to what the Scottish duo sounds like:

Moreover, If the fuzzy nostalgic idea encompassing Boards of Canada’s music stimulates your mind and has your ears saluting the air, check out my list.

From classic Aphex Twin to the more obscure Casino vs. Japan, let yourself drift away on dopamine clouds hung high or low, grey or pastel.

Open your ears and close your eyes to:

1) M83- Gone

2) Polmo Polpo- Oarca

3) Scanner- Stella

4) Colleen- Your Heart is so Loud

5) Marsen Jules- Oeillet Sauvage

6) Aphex Twin- Cliffs

7) Lusine Icl- Caught in the Middle

8) Loscil- Faint Liquid

9) The Gasman- Hump

10) Bibio- I’m Rewinding it

11) Burial- Forgive

12) Susumu Yokota- Hagoromo

13) Boards of Canada- sherbert head

14) Casino vs. Japan- Trad Velecido

15) Hammock- Mono No Aware

16) Milieu- Auburn morning winds

17) The Flashbulb- I think in a minute or so I’ll explode

18) Casino vs. Japan- Hush Hush

19) Michael Andrews- Burn it to the Ground


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