Music written by Me (Fiddling with Reason 4.0)

Alright, so I’m pretty modest when it comes to producing music.

But, as an electronic music enthusiast, passing up the opportunity to directly dabble with my passion (to twiddle with sound) would be foolish.

About a year ago, I downloaded a working torrent for the music production software called Reason version 4.0.

Now, I don’t know everything about the program.

For instance, creating samples with Recycle was a dizzying doozy.

But, overall I’m satisfied with the software, which consists of a virtual emulation rack of hardware and music devices, mimicking physical instruments.

I think I at least have a good grasp on working with the drum machines, samplers,and synthesizers Reason comes fully equipped with.

Here is a song relying heavily on Redrum, Reason’s drum machine:


Thor, one of the three digital synth creators is shown below. Looks complicated, eh?

With my snazzy WordPress space upgrade, you now have the ability to listen to music fresh out of my iTunes library.

Check out my own ripe sonic pickings:

“Yepyepyep” preview

“Femalevoicesbeat” preview

“Sickness” preview

“Expansion” preview

“Synth” preview


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