Ale Fillman- Rainshine

If you haven’t heard of Ale Fillman, shame…shame on you.

He creates ridiculously likable, dance floor-ready tunes.

And pictured below with a Speak and Spell, how can you not love him?

His style of music making is marked by signature crunchy, crunkiliscious beats and digitized, face-smashing, roof-collapsing bass.

Slap-smack-happy “Rainshine” (a fitting title for the song) includes a snappy dubstep tempo, a rain-like synth line, and the uplifting melody of some heavily-modded instrument.

Staggered vocal samples add bang, bump, and pop to the minimal/electro/dubstep tune: “Up, Up, Up, Up!”

Yes, yes, yes, I say.

Ale Fillman- “Rainshine”:


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