A Sharp Jab to Heartschord




She lets her lover gingerly pluck her harp strings

like silvery filaments of hair,

brushing out

those knotted tips.

Until one note flunks,

turns sour, bitter, discordant

when he punches her intimate instrument

at the core.

A sharp jab to her heartschord,

a knife to her life.

Strings break at their attachments,

at their ends.

He walks away into blank space,

forgetting their past and

blurring memories till they

are as fuzzy as an old vinyl record,

popping intermittently,

interrupting perfection and bliss.

Gone is the heavenly melody,

smashed like fragile glass.

Then the heart shrivels, letting out a final moan

and drops to the pit like

crumpled pages

excreted from the mind.

It melts.

She melts,

fast like candle wax.

spilling and oozing over everything

in a permanent crimson flood.

It just lies there,


Staining black and white nostalgic puzzle pieces

in red waves of grief,

dripping fresh and wet for the concert audience

to ogle and awe at.

No ovation.

No sympathy to her pitiful situation.

The symphony of blinking pupils

and apathetic eyes scan her

loose and lazy.

For she is naked now, stripped to her skeleton

and he’s not there to blanket her with affection.

They point with rude fingers

and hungry eyes

like children waiting for new plastic,

new toys.

But, they can’t have it.

Her vulnerability.

Her aortic puddle, like red wine

flooding the creases of cobblestone streets.

Saluting the salvageable,


she starts to rain,

trickling drop by drop

off to that empty place,

running a muddy muck and

mingling with that bloody organ.

Iron and tears.

They represent her worst fear

manifesting before her,

unfolding in public.

So lonesome

for somebody.

Someone, but not him.

He chose to leave.

And now she is infinitely bound in this position,

as time is nothing and

placement is irrelevant.

Backdrop is pure black,

She cannot even find comfort in numbers,

in fellow humans.


A zero in a labyrinth of arteries,

sucked lifeless without forgiveness.





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