What in Tarnation is a Synthesizer?

If you have read my Luke Vibert review, you probably know by now that I enjoy acidic, filthy, sometimes bubbly and playful synth lines.

Without Robert Moog, Electronica would be nothing more than an empty, silent word.

After reading the book “Analog Days” you will not only know who Mr. Moog is, but you will also be familiar with many artists who use the device in their productions.

“How many retrowavey, electroclashy hipsters really know the true roots of the sound they’re preening and prancing to? We’re not talking about ’80s swill like Human League or Erasure–we’re referring to Robert Moog, the inventor of the eponymous sound-generating device that, more than any other single contraption, made the whole electronic-music world possible. Analog Days, penned by Trevor Pinch and Frank Trocco, is a richly detailed look at the early days of synthesized sounds, and is quite fascinating.

– Time Out New York 20030201


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