Kirby’s Assessment of Sound

Do you like phat beats?

Oh, you do? Great!

Check out DJ KAOS.

When my boyfriend is not working towards his Graphic Design major, painting or watching Tim and Eric with me, he makes fresh beats! Check out his bio:

At the ripe age of 20, KAOS has already started making his rounds in the Electronica circuit throughout Savannah, Georgia, playing his own audio-soup of sounds to groove and loose your mind to.

His musical stylings range anywhere from rap mash-ups that would rivel Girl Talk to self-produced Electronica tracks. He also DJs freshly pressed dubstep, IDM, and cutting-edge songs that fall anywhere along the spectrum of Electronic music.

Watch and experience KAOS churn out non-stop danceable tunage sure to possess your hips and leave you begging for more bouncy bass, grit-filled glitch and sexy synth riffs. Check out my boyfriend’s Myspace and make an assessment of your own at:


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