A Dichotomy?

I am Heard

I am invisible

I am the inaudible frequency that blankets our universe

A phantasmic force like gravity,

Like trees holding up the sky with their wooden fingertips,

balancing the scheme of things

I am part of all of this.

I am with and without.

I am metal and flesh.

I am an auditory cyborg, a keyboard with broken teeth,

Spilling out screams,


out of tune.

Like a defective airbag, waiting for its last face-punch

I am bloody as iron.

I am warm as a womb.

I am sound.

sampled, looped, ripped, and recycled.

Keep strumming on my harp.

I will break at my brittle attachments,

snap back at you,

show you my internal circuit-board of veins

pulsing out red light

like the sun intermittently penetrating the trees,

beating rhythm into the world

I am in your eardrums.

I am not invisible.


One comment on “A Dichotomy?

  1. Interesting you start the poem as “invisible” but at the end tell us that you are note “invisible”..thus your are a dichotomy…such an interesting poem.

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