Ambient Music makes me enter, exit, enter, exit, sleep, then awaken

I float on dopamine clouds,
set adrift on a lazy tempo.
Destination is not evoked,
but thought it.
I lock myself inside a padded box
and fling the key as
I bounce every which way.
Up and down, the sounds take me.
My eyes open.
I exhale as the noise dissipates
and awaken into the subjective,
a space I wish not to explore.
My lids close;
I want to be absorbed in
a slowly vibrating drone,
to be carried off and away.
If within the land of music,
constants can change,
then I am never the same again,
always dynamic,
eternally lapsed in time;
a device intangible
yet omnipresent.
It reaches for me,
an invisible fear.
I can feel a cold breathe
amongst my skin,
and I am frozen until that time comes,
that moment between sleeping
and awake
when lucidity occurs
and lifts my thoughts
from the limbic system.
I want to exist in weightlessness forever,
but then I exhale once again
and submerge from the warm caverns
of my mind.
Just let me slowly drown
for a few hours.

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