Plaid- Rakimou

Plaid electronic music

Plaid duo Andy Turner and Ed Handley pose for a portrait

You never really know what you’re going to get from musical shape shifters Andy Turner and Ed Handley, the magic hands behind the quirky London-based electronic group, Plaid.

Mesmerizing synth pads, sequenced drum patterns, and weeping violin swells make “Rakimou” off of Plaid’s “Not For Threes” release something special.

A Greek songstress belts out sad lyrics, that in English, translate to “I love you because you are beautiful. I love you because it’s you.” Pretty darn gorgeous, right?

Listen to the heartfelt tune play out against a bouncy melody in vintage Plaid fashion.

Plaid- Rakimou 


Jonwayne- Andrew

Producer Jonwayne gettin' rowdy

The debut album “Bowser” from producer Jonwayne plays like the soundtrack to some old standby N64 game, like Mario Kart or any other nostalgic familiarity. I think the most solid, beat-driven tune is “Andrew”.

This 8-bit, hip-hop tune sounds like a male speak n’ spell pronouncing Japanese words, interwoven with the vibrating vocals of a high-pitched sing-song melody. So simple. So sweet. Thanks Alpha Pup Records!

Jonwayne- Andrew